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ViewerJS is the easiest way to add support for viewing presentations, spreadsheets, PDF's and other documents on your website or blog without any external dependencies. No tricks, no conversions, no unexpected downtime from external services, and no plugins required – it happens to work just fine in all major browsers today from the comfort of your own webserver.

ViewerJS is open source under the AGPL. KO GmbH provides consultancy, support and maintenance for applications that integrate ViewerJS.


WebODF is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application. WebODF uses HTML and CSS to display ODF documents. Extensions for WebODF make it possible to have real-time collaborative editing or support for Microsoft Office Documents.

WebODF is open source under the AGPL. KO GmbH licenses WebODF for commercial use as well and can provide consultancy, support and maintenance for applications that integrate WebODF.

WebODF is used, among others, in the ownCloud Documents application.

Krita Studio

Krita is the award-winning, leading open source paint and draw application with a world-wide userbase of professional digital artists and painters. Krita Studio is the version of Krita which is specially adapted to the needs of the VFX needs in movies, games and advertisements.

It is already being used in large VFX studios to produce block-buster movies like GI Joe II and a number of as yet unreleased movies. Krita Studio uses your computer to the maximum by extensive use of threading and can handle huge images for big mattes and panoramas. It has an extensive toolbox that makes the workflow efficient and integrates tightly with other special effects tools like Nuke(tm) and Maya(tm).

Krita Studio is delivered on Linux - CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 - and Windows like all other common VFX tools and a version for MacOS X is under development. It can work with all color models used in film making, including 32 bit floating point, and handles Open Color IO. See the extensive feature list of Krita Studio here.

KO GmbH provides professional, commercial support for Krita.

You can also download a comprehensive brochure with information about Krita Studio here.

Krita is a trademark of the Krita Foundation.

Krita on Steam

Krita Gemini is an innovative version of Krita that can morph seamlessly between desktop and tablet mode. Tablet mode is ideas for convertible ultrabooks or for painting on your big screen in the living room.

Krita Gemini is only available through the Steam Store and integrates with the steam platform to provide cloud services, workshop integration and more. Get Krita Gemini on Steam Early Access for the introduction price of 22,99€. The first full release will be made available in May!