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These are the partner companies of KO GmbH:

Make Play Live

Make Play Live manufactures the Vivaldi tablets based on the Plasma Active tablet operating system. Like Google's Android, Plasma Active is based on Linux. Unlike Android it consists of 100% free and open software which makes it much more configurable for the organization with special needs.

The software around Plasma Active forms a full tablet deployment system with the following components:

  • A number of tablet hardware configurations with the Plasma Active operating system
  • A growing number of Plasma Active aware applications for general and specific purposes.
  • An add-on store where applications, books and other media can be downloaded or purchased. This add-on store can be deployed locally by the user organization.
  • A deployment system for organizations for fast reinitialization of the system software and installation of needed applications and add-ons

KO GmbH is a partner with Make Play Live in three categories:

  • Add-ons Partner
    KO Offers development of custom applications based on the Plasma Active toolkit. KO is also responsible for the pre-installed Calligra Active document reader application.
  • Integration Partner
    KO can customize and integrate technologies used in Make Play Live products. Our staff has experiences with Plasma Active, embedded operating systems such as Mer and is the right partner to get these products running on your device or in your environment.
  • Enterprise Partner
    KO also offers support for deployments in enterprise settings, such as companies, schools, (non-)governmental organizations or elsewhere.

Contact us for more information about Make Play Live, the Vivaldi tablet or Plasma Active!