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About Calligra

Calligra is an Open Source based office suite created by the KDE community. It contains applications for both office work as well as applications for more artistic tasks.

Productivity Applications

  • Words - A frame-based word processor that can work in two modes: page oriented or layout oriented
  • Sheets - A powerful spreadsheet application.
  • Stage - A full-featured presentation program.
  • Kexi - An integrated environment for creating databases and database applications.

Creativity Applications

  • Karbon - A vector drawing application.
  • Krita - A layered pixel image manipulation application
  • Flow - A Visio®-style flowcharting application.

Management Application

  • Plan - An integrated project management and planning tool.

Supporting Applications

  • KChart - An integrated graph and chart drawing tool.
  • KFormula - A powerful math tool and formula editor.

Calligra (then KOffice) was the first office suite to embrace the OASIS OpenDocument Format that has now become an ISO standard, and the second to use it as the default format. Calligra will aggressively track the development of OpenDocument.

Calligra builds on the Qt toolkit and technology from the award-winning KDE desktop environment, the most widely used Linux desktop. It is widely regarded as the most flexible and customizable office suite, making it perfect for custom solutions centered round the OpenDocument Format.